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The Power of Google for Your Business*

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2,000 Searches Are Made For Your Product Each Month

Yeap, that’s a lot. There are 2,000 people searching for your product in your local area each month on Google…

The problem?

You’re not coming up! Only 1% of people will go to the second page of Google which means if you’re not coming up on the front page, you’re missing out on 1,960 potential customers; and worse you’re giving those customers to your competitors.

400 Qualified, Targeted and Local Customers

On average this equals 400 qualified, targeted, and local leads. These 400 people are searching for your product in your area looking to buy from… you guessed it, you!

Do these guys a favor and help them find you.

Nothing wins a customer over faster than appearing on the front page of Google.

Voted #1 Best Local SEO in New Zealand

As a company we live and breathe for one reason, to help small businesses get seen on Google! But you’re probably more interested in seeing some proof. Well here are a few reasons;

  • Recognized around the world as an expert for Local SEO with recent presentations receiving 150,000 views and downloads
  • Worked with over 100 clients in five countries in the last few years
  • Voted best looking company in Auckland (okay… this one we made up)
  • Authored a few books, one making it to Amazon’s top 100 books list
  • Voted #1 Best Local SEO In New Zealand

BigBangly is NZ’s Top Local SEO Company. We offer the best value guaranteed.

What Is Local SEO?

Meet local. Local is a brand-new feature introduced by Google to help local and small businesses get seen by customers searching in their local area. The best part about local search is that it appears above all other search results. This means once on top, you’ll stay on top, ahead of all your competitors!

Local is the most cost effective way to find local customers for your business.

Results You Can Trust From 10 Years Of Experience

Modern Men’s Club

They were on the brink of giving up but through website optimisation and a few basic SEO tweaks over a few months we managed to get a;

247% Increase In Traffic

9% Increase In Conversion Rate

40% Increase In Profit

Join The Ranks Of Those Who Have Succeeded More Already

The Power of Local

Straight To The Top

Citations and Google+ allows you to get your local listing straight to the front page of Google.

We found that if you have around 15 more citations than your competitor, you’re going to rank higher and the average number of citations businesses in New Zealand have is only 9!

Attract Customers Who Are More Likely To Buy

There is no point being on the front page of Google if the people seeing your website can’t actually come to your store and buy. Local SEO ensures that the people who see your business are the people who are going to buy your stuff.

Helps Your SEO

Local SEO also helps boost your overall search engine optimisation by adding new, highly trusted backlinks making local SEO a win-win to your website and your business.

Even More Reasons

Fast Results

On average we get our clients to the front page within the first two weeks. From there it’s all about getting your higher and higher!

Set And Forget!

Sit back, relax and enjoy the results we get you. You don’t have to worry about a thing! Enjoy the monthly updates we send, and of course the boatload of customers!

Top Communicators

Since we do amazing work, we love communicating our results! You’ve probably worked with a few bad communicators in the past. With us you can be rest assured that you’re dealing with the best in town.

You Don't Need A Website

The biggest benefit of local SEO is that you don’t need a website! So if you’re worried that your website is average, or if you don’t have one at all, we’ll create a Google Business page for you for free to show your customers what you have to offer!

You Don't Need To Cancel Your Existing SEO

A lot of our clients start off worried about their existing contracts. If you’re with an SEO agent, we can usually guarantee that they aren’t doing local for you. Let us do local SEO and when you see how amazing we are we’ll talk about a bigger plan.

Boosts Your Adwords

Something a lot of companies don’t know is that local SEO can massively boost the success of your Adwords campaign. By making it your advertising more relevant, you’ll start seeing lower costs per click and higher conversion rates!

We're Number One!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. We’re the best at what we do which means we will provide the most value at the best price to you!

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